Friday, July 13, 2012

Black cats = bad luck? Pfftt, please

I don't understand what all this talk is about black cats bringing bad luck. Yeah sure, there are days when mom thinks that crossing mine and my sister's path all those days ago was not the best thing to happen (like the days when one of us "forgets" to use the box, or I find the kitty treats that mom so tried to hide), but those moments quickly pass. I mean, come on, how can you stay mad at a kitty as handsome as me? But really, why do people think we bring bad luck? Is it something in our soft kitty purrs, in our beautifully shiny coat, or the way we love to snuggle? I simply don't understand it.

Did you know that ancient Egyptians believed black cats to be connected to the gods? Really, it's true. The Egyptians often worshiped us, the furry feline (I'd really like to know when this stopped, and how we cats can start this up again). Killing us was a capital offense! I wish that was true in the world today. I really like these ancient Egyptians.

In England and early America mom tells me that black cats used to be associated with witches. Witches are cool and all (I did watch Harry Potter with my mom and dad), but we black cats don't have any special connection to them. Nor do we have magical powers outside of being able to control the humans. If we did have these abilities I would not have to hunt down those treats mom keeps hiding on me. Sadly, I have yet to discover such powers.

Black cats, and other animals, have a more difficult time being adopted simply because we are black. We are adopted 50% less than other colored animals, which is silly, because we have just as much love to give. And we are so good looking!

Please people, give black cats a chance.

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